Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Every Parent or Grandparent has a list of things a miles long that need to get done. With the holiday season rapidly approaching and as we start to think about the next task that needs to be completed it’s time to refine that list. You know you have the task to find out what everyone on your list wants but it takes time to get it out of the little ones and, before they tell you it’s often a mad rush to the store as you try to make their Holidays that much brighter.

Well now’s your chance to knock off a good chunk in one go. Plus, it will be so much easier for Aunt Mable to buy them a gift they will love and it may even avoid adding to the holiday-rush in the process.

Teeter Totter Toys has redesigned it’s web site and is now excited to bring you “Santa’s List”. It’s designed so you can leave your loved ones in front of all the toys, games and puzzles they would want to see and they can add them without cost to their wish list which can be uploaded to your favorite multimedia social site. Direct your web browser to and let them take the chair as they complete their wish list for you. You then can get to your other projects knowing that there is lots of great toys for them to choose from.

Fridays starting Nov 24th store is open till 8pm
Nov 25th Open till 7:30 during downtown light up.
Sunday Nov 19th & 26th Open 11-4
Sundays in Dec 10-5
Starting Dec 11th Monday to Friday open till 8pm


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