Our commitment to you – the customer – is to continue with Teeter Totter Toys philosophy of having a special place where children can play and have fun with quality, safe toys and games to support families and teachers as they search for that perfect toy or game for their child or classroom. It is a wonderful feeling as we get to know our customers and their families and realize that through our small home town values, customers have remained loyal and still want a personal “small business” experience.

Your continued commitment to Teeter Totter Toys and other small businesses does make a difference.

The store is stocked wall to wall full of goodies and is bright, colorful and inviting. The staff will greet you warmly as you entered the store. At the back of the store is a small play area with toys to keep children occupied while their parents shop.

The items are arranged by theme/interest, such as books and puzzles, dress up clothes, music and movement, crafts, cars, trucks, trains, scientific items, and even a space specifically for babies. The store is small enough so the sections are self-explanatory but if you need help or feel lost our warm staff is on standby to help.

Very few of the items required batteries and you will not find ONE video game. Most of the products required imagination and playing the old fashion way. The toys were educational, stimulating and “learn through play” oriented. The Teeter Totter Toys philosophy.

The store also offers a variety of impressive, quality toy brand names, such as Alex, Corolle (our favorite brand of “Cobble Hill” puzzles), Calico Critters (who tend to stop by our store in the spring to visit and take pictures with their friends), Brio, LEGO, Melissa & Doug, Playmobil and Think Fun, to name a few.

When you are rushing off to a birthday party and you need a wrapped gift in a hurry we are here for you! You can always count on our warm staff at Teeter Totter Toys to save you that extra step and expense and allow us to wrap it beautifully and quickly for you. There is never a fee for gift wrapping though we do accept donations to NONA.

Teeter Totter Toys! has proudly given back to the community and has been more than willing to work with local schools or organizations for fundraising opportunities. Teeter Totter Toys is locally proud and that is our philosophy.

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